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The London Mets is entirely run by volunteers, from the Board of Directors, to coaches, and admin volunteers. It is our amazing members that help the club to be successful year in and out. This page provides useful information for people who already volunteer for the club and for those want to get more involved with The London Mets Community.


In order to create better communication with members we will be moving to using Google Groups as a way of Communication. We hope that the forums will act as a way to connect members to each other whilst also helping to update volunteers on upcoming projects. The groups will also allow project leaders to easily contact people who are volunteering their time.

We will be organising volunteer groups by interest, so people can sign-up for things that interest them, this will also allow people with specific skills to offer expertise's should the need arise. Coaching roles are discussed prior to being added to a group. To get involved with coaching please contact the Chairman Greg Gillette on The groups will be organised as follows: 

  • Adult Teams - Coaching/Managing

  • Adult Teams - Training

  • Adult Teams - Admin/Game Day Support

  • Youth - Coaching/Managing

  • Youth - Training

  • Youth - Admin/Game Day Support

  • B4B - Coaching

  • B4B - Admin Support/Set-up

  • Winter Training - Coaching

  • Winter Training - Admin

  • Communications

  • Social Media

  • Umpiring

  • Fall Ball

  • Administrative Support

  • Field Maintenance (Not including field day)

  • Field Day

  • Concessions

Once you have signed up someone will contact you shortly. Please be aware this is a new project to engage with our members, so we ask for patience whilst we get everything implemented.

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