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The London Mets (NBL)

The Mets NBL are the most successful baseball team in British baseball history having won the National Baseball League 10 times as of 2023 after defeating the London Capitals in the 2023 Playoff Finals at Farnham Park.

In 2021 The London Mets became the first team in British History to win a European Competition taking the crown at the CEB's in Bulgaria. A game which saw the Mets go undefeated and Drake Yoshioka take the MVP award. In 2023 the London Mets won the tournament again ranking them 14th in the European club championships ranking table. The London Mets will again be participating in the Confederation Cup tournament in Switzerland in 2024. 

In recent years the Mets have gone from strength to strength and will look to continue their championship winning run to 8 successive season in 2024. Doing so would mean a 11th championship overall.

2024 Season


Meet the Manager

Derrick Cook

Derrick was a long-serving player for the London Mets and he transferred that winning mentality into being a leader. In 2023 he won the NBL championships, the London Mets’ 7th in a row. Derrick also led The Mets to Federation Cup Qualifier glory. Derrick looks to make it 10 overall titles for The Mets, and will be looking to win the pool at the Federation Cup this year in Switzerland.


A word from the manager:

My goals are normally broken out in two categories. First, how can I improve the standard of baseball in the UK, how can I pass on my knowledge and experience to someone, and continue to let out the kid in me that loves this game. These are my standard goals. I'm always thinking of how I can improve baseball as a whole in the UK. I've become more involved in helping teams, players, and coaches overall, this game has given so much to me, and I certainly want to give back. 

Second, my competitive goals are based on how can I get my team to play their best baseball, both individually and collectively. You have guys and  girls from different walks of life on different journeys and at different levels of skills coming together. They have a common goal, but how do I get them to hit that perfect note. It's not easy, but I love challenges. I love seeing the players grow both on and off the field. I'm invested in their success. Everyone wants to win, and I'm no different. As I grow older, defining what winning is takes on a bigger meaning. Each player definition of winning is different as well, so I'm taking it all into consideration and trying to stir up a perfect recipe for success. I'd like to win the Fed Cup in 20234 as it will put the team against even stronger competition in 2025. That stronger competition brings more eyes and more work, and anyone that knows me knows that I love the grind. I want the team and club to go as far as possible. It's a test of skill, will, and wits. It's kind of spiritual to me. I can only imagine that it rubs off on my team and others...especially our youth!!!

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National Baseball League (NBL) Championships (10): 2007, 2008, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

NBL Pennants (10): 2007, 2008, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

WBSC Confederation Cup Qualifiers (2): 2021 (first British team to win a European tournament), 2023.

BBF Summer Cup (1): 2023 (inaugural winners).

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