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London Mercury (A)

Team Ethos:
We want to lead a positive team that puts player development first, giving both new and returning players the opportunity to improve and grow their love for the game of baseball. 

We hope to do this through an encouraging environment that facilitates and prioritises players’ success and enjoyment.

2024 Season

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Meet the Managers

Bex Vernon

Team Manager

I joined the London Mets in 2021 in their B4B programme having never played baseball before, I quickly developed a love for the sport and in following seasons played in the Minotaurs and Mayhem. I’ve enjoyed coaching B4B and managing teams in Fall Ball, and am looking forward to managing the London Mercury in 2024.

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Emily Morse

Assistant Manager

I played little league baseball throughout my childhood, often as the only girl on my team or in the entire league. I moved to softball and played that through middle school, then dropped both when I moved to Scotland for Uni. After a few years in London I got the urge to play catch again and COVID then gave me the push to seek an outdoor activity and I discovered the Mets’ b4b program which I completed in 2021 and then joined the Minotaurs where I have played 2 seasons.

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