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London Capitals (NBL)

The London Capitals are part of the National Baseball League, the top division of baseball in the UK. Their team draws upon players from within the UK and around the world including the US, Australia, Japan, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, France, and Italy, with many playing for top divisions in their home countries prior to moving to London.


For the past 5 seasons, they have made it to the National Championships for the UK and they have represented Great Britain in the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) in Kiev (2021),Sofia (2022), & Sweden (2023) where they made it to the championship game. They will represent Great Britain in the 2024 CEB tournaments in Stockholm again this June.

2024 Goals

To win their first NBL National Championship

2024 Season

Mets-CapitalsLdn Mets-Capitals_X5H52991244.jpg

Meet the GM & Head Coach

Cole Ryan - General Manager

Rhys Wilson - Head Coach

Both Cole and Rhys have been playing baseball since Little League. Cole out of Vermont, USA & Reece out of Australia respectively.


They have led the Capitals as the GM & Player Manager since their creation in 2016.

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