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Canal League

About the League

Recreational Local Baseball League

The Canal League is a development-A league for adult players in London. The league will be designed to develop adult players, and to help expand the growth of British Baseball.

Following the successful introduction of a lower league in fall ball, we are looking to create a league with a similar format on Saturday afternoons lasting for 10 weeks in the regular season, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs.


Now more than ever is a wonderful time to help create space for more adult baseball in London.

The Canal League will be aimed at players who meet the criteria below:

•    Graduates of our B4B program or equivalent experience level

•    Youth players who are aged 14 up

•    For the purpose of development, players who are rostered to any of our BBF adult teams (although priority will be given to those who aren’t on a roster)


League Format

The Canal league will run parallel to but separate from the B4B season beginning in May 2023 and ending in August 2023, the exact dates are tbc. The Canal league will run in two parts.


  1. Regular Season

  2. Playoffs


The regular season will run for 8 weeks, and the standings will be determined by a division table. And the playoffs for a further 2 weeks, with the seedings to be determined later. The team who tops the division at the end of the 8 weeks will be crowned the pennant champions. The winning team of the playoffs will be crowned Canal League champions.


The fixtures will be organized as such:


  1. Each team will play a double header each week against a rival team.

  2. Each game will be timed at 2hrs with no new innings after 1hr45mins. Or seven innings, whichever is first.

    1. This means at the point when the 1hr45minute time limit is reached the next top of the inning must be the limitless and final inning (see rules).


Please register through the link below to register your interest in the Canal League. Please note that players must have some experience player baseball. If you are a beginner please head to our baseball for beginners page.

The is program is designed for players who have played in or completed: 

  • B4B

  • Fall Ball

  • Winter Training

  • Have baseball experience from school or any other baseball program.

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