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Mets Youth Baseball Teams


Photos generously provided by David Post

This is our oldest group of youth players who are primary 13+ all the way to 16 or 17.  The age group benefits from our highest level of coaching standards within our youth program.   Players also have the option -subject to minimum levels- to train and play with adults and on our adult teams.  The adult teams range from our late Saturday development Canal League to the A, AA, AAA, or NBL teams.  This option is not usually available to non-club youth players.  We have historically had a US Division 1 or higher level equivalent player coach these groups.  In 2024, GB coach Colin Barrett was engaged to coach the squad.  Other club coaches over the season include G. Gillette, J.  Mills, S. Stanley with further assistance from B. Burke.  In 2024 the team competed in the BBF Super League, the BBF Youth National Championship, and the Hawks Trophy tournament in Brittany, France.


The Majors group is for players 9-12 and incorporates a higher Majors level and a lower Minors level.  Players are generally separated by technical level and experience.  Coaches in 2024 are T. Fukasu, M. Kamrad, M. Markovina, W. Perry, and J. Verghese.  In 2024, the teams participate in the BBF Super League, BBF Youth National Champtionships, and the Hawks Trophy tournament in Brittany, France.

T-Ball- Coach Pitch

Our T-ball and Coach Pitch group is a development group for players aged 4-8 incorporating both T-ball and coach pitch for players. The focus in on fun and enjoying the game while learning new skills.  Players typically benefit from a high ratio of coaches to players.  This year's coaches were D. Cheng, T. Ishikawa, O. McDonnell, , O. Placencio, C. Pusceddu. 

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