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London Metros (AAA)

The Metros were formed as part of a restructuring of AA within the club for the 2022 season. Merging the Mammoths and the Marauders who previously competed in 2021.

In the their first year they made it to the playoff finals against a really strong East London Latin Boys team. Going toe to toe with previous AAA champions they just missed out on first season glory.

In 2023 the Metros once again got to the final, this time coming close against a good Bournemouth AAA team. 

In 2024 Same goals different season. The Metros will certainly go for it again this year. Keven Perez will be joining the coaching team and helping to bring the AAA championship back to London. 

2024 Goals

To win the AAA championship.

2024 Season


Meet the Managers

Chip Gudger

1999-2020 Played and managed multiple teams in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’ve worked with all levels and many different backgrounds. This will be my second full season in London.


Kevin Perez

Kevin will join Chip on the coaching staff for the Metros in the 2024 season.

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