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Sponsor the London Mets

The London Mets are the biggest baseball club in the UK. We run successful adult and youth programs and are proud to support 9 adult teams including a women's team & 4 youth teams from ages 5-14. Meaning we have the largest member cohort of any team in the UK.


The reach of our teams spans the UK and Europe, with our 2 NBL teams (The London Mets & The London Capitals) competing annually within the in Confederation of European Baseball (CEB's - European Tournaments)


Our goals for the future are to build a sustainable club that can compete internationally at the highest level. This begins with three key goals:

  • Improving Facilities

  • Raise the standard of coaching in London and raising the bar across the UK

  • Building on and creating a sustainable future for our existing youth program.

We are reaching out for sponsors to join our close community to build a long lasting partnership that can be helpful to us and you in reaching our goals.


If you are interested in sponsoring the London Mets, please contact the Chairman Greg Gillette on

Please see below what exciting opportunities we can offer in building everlasting relationships. This list is not exhaustive, we are happy to discuss bespoke sponsorship plans that can cover a series of events.


  • Banners attached to 1 of three backstops in Finsbury Park advertising your venture to the public. Facing some of the busiest roads and walkways in London.

  • Social media campaigns as part of regular posts on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, boasting thousands of followers across all platforms.

  • Merchandise and training gear which would be seen by spectators across the UK and Europe.

  • Jersey sponsorship which would cover 9 adult teams.

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