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Mets Win Federation Cup Qualifier

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Today, the London Mets Baseball and Softball Club completed their undefeated run in the Federations Cup Qualifier, winning the Championship game this morning in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria against RusStar (Moscow). This is a huge achievement that benefits British Baseball as a whole, taking the BBF into the next level of European competition, the 2022 Federations Cup tournament. We are extremely proud of this team! Congratulations to the team, Manager Rich Minford, and the entire coaching staff. An achievement unequaled in British Baseball history.

The 2021 London Mets after their tournament victory in Bulgaria.

Standing, Left to Right: Gaetano Cristiano, Derrick Cook, Brian Lainoff, Tommy Flaherty, Michael Flaherty, Mitch vom Scheidt, Matteo Sollecito, Zach Stroman, Jordan Edmonds, Sam Sproule, Rich Minford.

Kneeling, Left to Right: Brendan Power, Jon Cramman, Jamie Dix, Michael Banagale, Drake Yoshioka, Fred Mosier, Rory Chandler, Dylan Baxter, Callum Vinall, Pietro Sollecito, Ryan Turtill


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