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Winter Training 2018

London Mets are pleased to announce the details of our 2018 Winter Training Program. This year's program will feature baseball every weekend from January 7th through mid-March and the start of the Herts Spring League and Spring Training trips and is open to baseball players aged 6 upwards, and girls' fastpitch softball players aged 12 and up.



Sessions will take place nearly every Sunday and Wednesday from January 7th through mid-March, with your specific time dependent on your age group and skill level.

If you are unable to make your assigned hitting slot, we may be able to arrange an alternative hitting time dependent on availability. Please email to discuss.

If you have any questions about the most appropriate level for you, please email your coach or


We have developed a progressive payment system this year to allow players to choose the option that best suits their time commitment and budget. It is designed to ensure that players are able to develop both the defensive and offensive components of the game in an appropriate and structured manner.

For U13 youth, all sessions are 2 hours and 30 minutes, and will include both offense and defense.

For U18 youth and adult players, there is the option of defensive only sessions (10 sessions on Sundays) for a discounted price of £70 or the full package which includes 10 defensive sessions and 6 offensive sessions (capped at 8 players per session) for £95.

The table below summarises the fees per player. Please note, there is an additional £5 administration charge if you do not pay via Direct Debit / GoCardless.


Sunday sessions will take place at Aylward Academy (Windmill Rd, London N18 1NB). This is easily accessible by public transport including busses from Turnpike Lane or a short walk from Silver Street (Overground)


Wednesday sessions will take place at Skinners' Academy (Woodberry Grove London N4 1SY). It is a short walk from Manor House Station and the Finsbury Park Baseball Field

Frequently Asked Questions

What about conflicts with HPA/Academy/GB?

or those players involved in the HPA, Academy or GB programs, we have tried to avoid clashes of dates wherever possible. Please speak to your coach if you have any questions.

Which Group Will I Be In?

We will divide each session into three groups. Broadly, these will be:

Youth: (a) aged 8 and under, (b) aged 13 and under, (c) aged 17 and under,

Adult: (a) B4B/A/AA/, and (b) NBL/AAA

It is important that the group sizes are roughly similar so that everyone can receive an equivalent quality of training. Please therefore be understanding if from time to time you are asked to train with a higher/lower group than you might be expecting; this is never intended to be a judgment on your skill level – just a means of managing group sizes.

What Can I Expect?

Led by the London Mets experienced coaching staff, along with some of our most tenured NBL players, Winter Training will encompass all aspects of baseball techniques.  Players will receive hands-on hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and strength & conditioning training, with drills and tips to improve your game to the next level.

How do I book my place?

We are limiting the number of attendees, particular for the hitting sessions to ensure that players are able to fully develop with quality small-group coaching and attention. Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, on receipt of payment.

The first step is to fill in the online form at

Once you’ve done that, then make the payment:

  1. If, like many players, you already have a direct debit with London Mets, we will trigger the payment automatically, which will leave your account typically two working days later. We are able to arrange this into two equal payments or three equal payments if needed to suit your financial needs. However, the first payment must be arranged with the Treasurer ( before the first session.
  2. If you do not have a direct debit arrangement, click on this link and complete the online form. We will then trigger the payment based on the option you have selected.
  3. If you want to pay by direct bank transfer, please make the payment to London Mets, Barclays, Sort Code 20-46-60, Account 80350753. 
  4. You can deposit cash into the same account: London Mets, Barclays, Sort Code 20-46-60, Account 80350753, at any bank branch. 
  5. If you want to pay by Paypal, please make the payment to

Please note that your place is not confirmed until payment has been triggered.

More Questions

Q. What should I wear ?

A. Warm athletic clothing (long pants if possible), as we will be outside for part of the time. IMPORTANT - wear trainers / tennis shoes and bring your cleats--we will be half on astroturf and half on a field.

Q. Can I pay in cash at the venue ?

A. Sorry, no. For security and audit reasons we are unable to take cash at the venue. If you wish, you can pay cash into our account at a bank branch (see above)

Q. Can I pay for individual sessions only?

A. Afraid not. We have tried to offer this in the past, but it has proved impossible to establish who has been to which sessions. Further, because we are capping numbers, if individuals booked for just one or two sessions, that still takes up one of the 75 available places on the program.

Q. Why is winter training more expensive this year?

A. The fees are lower this year in terms of cost per coaching hour or in terms of number of sessions per pound. In short, this is a genuine savings that we wanted to pass on to our members

Q. Why is there a discount for direct debits ?

A. Using direct debits simplifies our administration, reduces our costs, and enables us to offer flexible payment arrangements. With a direct debit mandate in place, players will also be able to buy merchandise and other items at winter training or at the field without having to carry cash. Our service provider for direct debits is, whose customers include the Guardian Newspaper and Greater Anglia Trains. All direct debit arrangements with London Mets benefit from the Direct Debit Guarantee ( In particular, you will receive an email notification three days prior to any payment, and if you believe a payment has been taken in error, you can request an immediate refund.


If you have questions on the training, coaches, venue, etc., please contact your team manager or

If you have questions on payment, please contact

Please click on the link below to register for winter training: